Excellence and style
since 1986.

Chef Nello Gioia had a vision when he selected the location for his restaurant on the central corner at 100 North Main Street in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. The historic Cauble Building would become the perfect space to present his take on fresh, modern Italian cuisine.
           For over thirty years, constant innovation and quality have become a Ristorante Bergamo hallmark. Our patrons continue to savor every dining experience.

The future is bright… and delicious.


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Only the finest ingredients give life to our dishes.

Many restaurants have come and gone as Greenville’s Downtown has grown and evolved, while Ristorante Bergamo has established itself as a bustling, trend setting destination that has attracted diners attention from all over the world. Chef Nello Gioia is proud to present the finest wines, custom cocktails and fresh concept dishes that continue to create culinary memories for new diners and our favorite regulars.

Nello’s Cucina

Keeping it simple in the kitchen

Chef Nello’s kitchen is not only the cleanest kitchen in town, it’s also the most creative. “Success is in the details.” This saying is the cornerstone of Nello Gioia’s theory both in the kitchen and out. His life is as ordered as his sparkling kitchen, “It allows me to see the simplicity of really good food.”
        Nello’s concept of great cuisine is simple too. Use only the best, freshest ingredients, think outside the usual box, and create memorable meals that satisfy all the senses. Chef Nello also subscribes to the mission and theory of Slow Food USA, high quality and taste, environmental sustainability, honor of regional food traditions, the pleasures of the table, and a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life. These elements are evident in every dish Chef Nello prepares, allowing his personal food heritage to take center stage nightly.

A few of Nello’s favorite ingredients:

  • Organic Herbs- Grown locally and in Chef Nello’s own garden and greenhouse
  • Tuscan Olive Oil- The warm Tuscan sun gives this olive oil a taste unrivaled anywhere on earth. No expense is spared in Nello’s choice of this first cold pressed fundamental for his creations.
  • Mediterranean and Kosher Salt- Pure and rich from the sea or the earth.
  • Seasonal Heirloom Vegetables- Delectable in taste and flavor, picked fresh.
  • Carnaroli Rice- The basis for Nello’s creative signature risotto dishes.
  • Polenta- This signature yellow corn meal is a staple of Nello’s Bergamasco culture.

Plus locally and regionally sourced grass fed meats, sustainable fresh daily fish and seafood, only the best will be hand selected and presented daily.


Chef Nello Gioia is serving dinner Tuesday through
Saturday night, closed Sunday and Monday.
Seating from 5:30pm until 9:30pm
Greenville, South Carolina
You can find us at 100 North Main Street at Coffee Street
Call 864/271-8667 for your reservation

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